Take Advantage of Labor Day Sales

Well, this summer is almost in the books. Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, is around the corner. (But don’t worry if you want summer to hang on a bit longer; the official end is the autumnal equinox on September 22.) Either way, this is the last three-day weekend of the summer and that always means big sales. Here’s a guide to finding some of the biggest markdowns.

tim-stief-63912This is one of the best times of the year to buy a new car. Dealers are anticipating the arrival of the next model-year cars and need to make space on their lots. Dealers want that car gone as much as you want it in your driveway. That means great incentives, including aggressively discounted pricing, low interest rates and reduced lease prices to clear out 2017 models. Also in your favor, there are high inventory levels on many models, which means you can probably find a good closeout bargain before choices get lean. Here’s just one list of some great offers. You can also check manufacturer sites, Edmunds.com and local dealer sites for offers.


Most retailers will be running sales, but some of the biggest deals will be on summernvsbl-media-262854.jpg items – all the grills, lawn gear, patio furniture and clothing like shorts and swimwear that need to make way for colder-weather gear. Summer always comes back, so plan ahead for next year and take advantage of the killer buys. And don’t forget Labor Day weekend is also huge when it comes to home appliance deals at places like Home Depot, Sears and Best Buy.

simson-petrol-110900Back to School

Sometimes it pays to procrastinate. With kids back in school you probably have your school supplies purchased, but now’s the time to restock or get whatever was left of the list. Retailers want to unload those leftover notebooks, backpacks and everything else taking up valuable shelf space, so they’re offering deep discounts. You’ll find deals at all the major players like Staples, Office Depot, Walmart and Target.

One of the best times of the year to shop for a new mattress is – you guessed it! – Labor Day weekend, when many local companies run big sales. Great deals are out there, including up to 60 percent off some mattresses.

So go on. Get out there and save this Labor Day weekend. Finding what you need at a discount is actually responsible spending – as long as you avoid that urge, of course, to buy what you don’t need.

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