Halloween Bash. On the Cheap.

This year, we can all expect to see a lot of turtles, zombies and superheroes on our doorsteps. Well, on Halloween, at least. (If you’re seeing these things otherwise, you may need to schedule an eye exam.) Yep, it’s time to break out the candy corn and prepare the apples for bobbing. If you start now, you can easily celebrate this creeptastic holiday – and explore your creativity – without busting your budget.

Back From the Dead

Instead of spending money going out, bring the party to you. Hosting a monster mash bash is the perfect excuse to invite your friends and family (don’t forget to include your Mummy and Deady) over because it’s such an “anything goes” occasion. There’s no pressure to give a gift and the decorations are a snap. In fact, it’s probably more convincing if you don’t clear those cobwebs out of the corners.

The end of October in Missouri is typically temperate. (Typically, key word) You may even be able to keep the party contained to the backyard, but regardless, decorations are a must. DIY tombstones are easy to make – all you need are some 2-by-4 scraps, Styrofoam, and paint. Want an even easier decoration idea? Use some black trash bags to make spider silhouettes. Or, check out these easy but awesome decoration ideas.

Decorations? Check.

Give Me Something Good to Eat

Halloween treats can be much more than individual bags of candy. With a little creativity, you can make just about anyone happy. If you’re keeping it tame or feeding little “boils and ghouls,” try ghosts made from bananas, or mini pumpkin oranges? Perhaps you’re interested in spicing things up for your party? Or, maybe Halloween is the perfect opportunity to really creep out your friends. No matter your theme or who you’re feeding, you can find the perfect poison (aka beverage) or noms through a quick Web search. If you dare.

Costume Up

Lastly, why even bother with Halloween if you don’t have a costume? And no, wearing a T-shirt that says, “This is my costume” doesn’t count. A little effort is as easy as a trip to the dollar store, a cardboard box or a few different colors of face paint. Not every costume has to be something ghoulish. Draw inspiration from your favorite movie or a Hollywood memorable outfit. Get creative.

What’s your Halloween costume? Tell us about it in the comments.

From the Pig. For the People.

By: Hank. (The talking piggy bank)

Hank here, talking piggy bank with something to say and a campaign to tout. First off, I can’t believe the rubbish that gets airtime. Talking lizards? Give me a break. That duck’s voice? Ouch. And let’s be honest, the “weeeee” pig is a wee bit creepy. How ‘bout the slew of criminals? Like that pitcher of punch bent on destruction. Or the thief rabbit. Disgraceful, all of ‘em. Folks need an honest, relatable role model. Someone good with money. Who’s not afraid of looking to the barnyard for a laugh. Folks need me. (And yes, I do birthday parties.)

Watch your ceramic master of mascots show you how it’s done.