Day 29: Bike it


I’m not saying you have to go full spandex. Nobody wants that.

Also if your apartment is six miles from the procrastination factory (or wherever you’re pretending to work these days), then maybe drive to the office in July.

But why you’re sitting in miserable traffic on a sunny September day is beyond me. Especially when you consider that you can skip the treadmill for that day if you ride your bike. Feel better, go faster, save money.

P.S. wear a helmet.


Day 28: Save it


I know that “Quick Transfer” button on your online account is tempting. I also know that it gets more tempting when the waiter walks past carrying your dessert that someone else ordered.

Keep in mind that every time you go rogue and spend $100 of your savings, you’re really setting yourself back.

Save your savings. That’s why they’re called that.

Day 27: Cars, Used over New


We all know that feeling. It’s hard not to fantasize when you catch a glimpse of the newest hot rod on the street, or in a commercial being driven by a confusingly philosophical actor (looking your way, McConaughey).

But let’s be honest with ourselves. The financial jump between your ten-speed and a Rolls Royce, or a brand new Kia for that matter, is probably going to offset your budget.

In fact, if you’re preparing to spend that kind of cash on a car, then you better be preparing to live in it. Unless you can pay your landlord with all the “money” you’re going to make off your YouTube channel.

Just to be safe, stick to a reliable used car for now.

Day 26: Scrap the Razors


Let’s face it: shaving has always been a questionable idea.

Plugging open wounds with bits of toilet paper? Exposing your red, irritated face-skin to the world? And for what? Just so you can be a little bit less warm in the winter and a lot less manly year-round.

The good news is that the Internet decided facial hair is cool again, and females everywhere jumped on board. So whatever your grizzly style may be, you can now save a few bucks on expensive razors.

But don’t just take my word for it. Just look what one mustache can accomplish.



Day 23: Shop Online


Not to say there aren’t temptations online, but shopping online (if done with discipline) can help you avoid some of those in-store temptations. Like the latest Cosmo issue…and a pack of gum…and maybe a candy bar for the road…and a coke to wash it down with.

The check-out line isn’t the only trap. If you shop online it’s easier to stay focused and buy exactly what you “came” for. A scarf for Aunt Mitty? Done. A subscription to TV Guide for Uncle Frank? Easy. You’ll even save a little money on gas.