Spending Freeze: Day 10

The long-awaited day 10 has arrived! Less than 24 hours left until you conquer the Freeze. Congratulations to all of you – truly awesome learnings, communication and effort. We’ll be posting the list of eligible participants for the drawing on Monday, and will inform the winner by Monday night.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl (or not)! You deserve it.

Day 10 prompt: Would you do the Freeze again? What did you like/dislike about the process? What could make the Freeze better in the future?



14 thoughts on “Spending Freeze: Day 10

  1. Yay!
    I was just thinking of the “freeze again” question this morning! I think I have really learned a lot about my “wants” and “needs”. I was surprised when we ran out of milk earlier this week and my sons did not even ask! They drank more water and iced tea. I had not planned our meals ahead, but we have had plenty to eat. I have reflected on whether we eat too much when we can run to the store with a craving. We have paid better attention on how to improvise to fit our needs. I’ve used powdered milk for several days, and it’s okay because I have kept my mind and actions in-line. I have read other websites and they recommend freezing one day a week– that is quite reasonable. But, I’m sure we can sum up a freeze the beginning of March to squeak out more money for spring break ( or a Harold’s doughnut splurge!).

    I would definitely participate in the freeze from MU credit union again. I liked setting a goal with the potential of a reward for my work. I like reading others comments and the support provided. I don’t know where all the others that posted on the sign up page, so I am wondering if people were confused on the way to sign up through WordPress.

    Loved doing this– I have not worked off a budget before or followed any “Ramsey” program. It’s been a great way to start off 2016!

    Thank you!

  2. I participated in the freeze last year, and of course, this year. I would definitely do it again if offered next year! I love how it reinforces my thriftiness and pushes me to renewed enthusiasm. Thank you, Missouri CU for hosting another freeze, getting all of us budget nerds together, and continuing to set yourselves above the rest! I learn something new each time!

  3. I participated last year and I of course would next year. I learn more each time. I learn more every time about wants vs. needs. This year I learned the most about how often “cravings” dominated trips to the store. It’s amazing what you can find to eat in the house.
    I like gonnawinit idea of doing a 1 day a week freeze. I think I’m going to try that out and maybe expand it to more days as I go.

    • It’s so true. Every time we ran out of something, I realized that we make multiple grocery store trips a week! Fortunately we have a well stocked pantry, spice cabinet, and freezer…But by the end of ten days we’d run out of fresh vegetables, eggs, and milk. Tonight my dinner was a can of soup. And why didn’t I think to buy a couple bars of chocolate!? ๐Ÿ˜ก

  4. I’ve never done this contest before, so this was a new experience in every way. I definitely experienced some difficulty in preparation…making sure essential purchases were made before the start date, or planning out exactly how much fresh food items I would need to last us ten days. I’ve never worked off a budget…My budget has always been prioritizing bills and food, and whatever is left can be saved or used for other things.

    This freeze made me a little more aware of the amounts that I spend without even thinking about it. I would definitely like to continue the habit of taking my lunch/dinner to work. I eat less, eat healthier, and save money all at the same time!

    • taking my lunch will become such a priority. I do keep a couple of microwave soups at work and that saves me on days that I am in a rush. For me, I just need to suck it up and pile on the leftovers and move on. I really don’t think I could recall what I ate for lunch earlier this week. But, I can tell you the last time we went out for dinner and how good it tasted! Lesson: save for a well deserved dinner out. It is more enjoyable and memorable than all the wraps/burgers/pizzas at work.

      • OMG!

        Participating in this challenge has been a “game changer” ! Yesterday, I chose to not drive through and get a snack while running errands!

        Today, while out to lunch I kept thinking of how I really like the taste of home cooked over chain restaurant food. Next time we will go for a walk or just meet for coffee. I also made a conscious choice to shop at Aldis. I’ve shopped there before, but because I am more familiar with Hy-Vee I shop for “time” instead of money. Now, I’m learning the lay out better and will save what I can. I have two nights of school meetings (sons included) coming up and the third night a meeting for my volunteer work. I feel good that I was more mindful of thinking of quick options instead of ordering pizza or drive through.

        I am ready for another “freeze”!

      • That’s so great to hear! Thanks for sharing your experiences. There will most likely be more Spending Freezes in our future so stay tuned! If you do one on your own before then, let us know! We love to hear new tips and perspectives.

  5. I have noticed that the more “crazy” sacrifices we make, the more positive lifestyle habits we develop, and the more we save in the long run…taking lunches to work, making grocery lists, cutting out mid-paycheck food runs, no gas station impulse buys…sometimes I think we are too strict on ourselves, but we are pumped when we look at our goals, and get closer to another victory.

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