Spending Freeze: Day 8

We all have those items that aren’t technically “necessary,” but are items we feel are essential to our daily lives, how we see ourselves, or our own mental sanity. For example, manicures, eye brow waxes, contacts, hair color treatments, etc. They aren’t necessary, but they feel necessary.

Day 8 prompt: What are your unnecessary but “essential” items? Which ones do you think you could cut, or cut back on?

10 thoughts on “Spending Freeze: Day 8

  1. One of the “unnecessary ” expenditures has been pedicures! I usually get them only four or five times a year, but hat can easily add up to $300-$350. Last year I cut back to three. I purchased a professional set of tools and have been working on setting time aside in my schedule. Just as meal planning is essential to easing my budget, budgeting time for a pedi is essential to meet my financial goals.

    Bring on Day 9 !!

  2. Dang this is going to get me I’m sure. My hair: I color my hair about every 2 months. I could go without and do from time to time but it is one of those things I do for myself.
    Contacts: I would have never thought of them if they weren’t listed above.
    I think that is about it but cutting those out could save me $700 per year

  3. We have decided that Netflix is a luxury that we have just gotten usd to. We don’t have cable or satelite, but do pull in channels with an antenna. The only thing we usually watch is the news anyway. πŸ™‚

  4. We definitely have Netflix, Spotify, etc, but I think my biggest ‘unnecessary/necessary’ expenditures are my pet and my plants.
    Having a pet is already making the decision to spend the extra money on food per month, but when you also factor in vet expenses, accessories, and extra rent (or deposit), it adds up to quite a bit! Plus I pamper my cat a lot with toys (she’s got a $60 cat tree) and treats (a can of wet food a week, plus treats and catnip), because I love her and I can’t imagine coming home to an empty house.
    My plants are important to me too. Unfortunately I do NOT have a green thumb, and I’ve gone through many a majesty fern, succulent, and sometimes I can’t even keep those dang cactus alive! But I’ll replace every one and keep trying to grow a garden every summer because I love the way they make my house feel like a home.

    • I didn’t think of pets either as they are my family (do kids count too lol πŸ˜‰). My favorite dog was just diagnosed with cancer so I am spoiling her rotten. But I guess that is right I would have to add my pups to the list too.

      • Kids are definitely an extra expenditure, but at least you can get them to help around the house!! Be nice if the cat pulled her weight a little! 🐱

        I’m sorry to hear about your dog. My parent’s dog just got the same diagnosis; she’s 13 years old. The decline of your pet’s health is the worst.

      • We are dealing with it well. She’s only 8 years old so I consider that young. I know they are an expenditure, but it’s hard for me to put them in the category of “extra” because they are my babies. I will trade hair color and contacts for them.

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