Spending Freeze: Day 7

Today marks the one-week point in our 10-day freeze. We love the support and collaboration happening among you all. Just a few more days! It sounds like there are many worthy projects, items and events the prize money could contribute to.

Day 7 prompt: If you win the $250 prize, what will you do with it?

(Aside from this of course)

12 thoughts on “Spending Freeze: Day 7

  1. I am going to put any savings/winnings toward paying off a 401K loan, and then it’s on to socking away more into savings! With my income tax refund check, we plan to be debt free next month, everything but the house, and then on to our wedding!

  2. I had a moment of panic when I checked my bank account online, and saw that a check cleared today. It is for my daycare tuition, but at first glance, I was scared I was going to be disqualifiied…the only bills I had come due during the freeze are mortgage and daycare on the 1st, and they are paid! Hello savings!

    • It was kind of a guilty pleasure for me to write my rent check yesterday! Looking forward to a little retail therapy back in my life!!

  3. Time is such a precious gift! My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in May! He is self employed and has done a tremendous job in building the business. He works most every weekend, and needs time in the evenings for paperwork.

    I would love to save part of the winnings for our future, and spend part toward a get away to celebrate our anniversary!

  4. Aside from rolling around on a bed full of cash…if I won the contest I would probably use the money to treat the people who have put up with my limited spending over the past week!
    I’m already planning on taking my best friend out to get our nails done, since I had to pass on her request to go out earlier this week.
    And I’m definitely taking my partner out to a nice meal, since he’s put up with our limited menu as we usually quickly replace things like eggs or veggies with a quick run to the store.
    Either way, it was a fun experience – easy in some ways, and very difficult in ways I didn’t even expect! It’s fun to be challenged!

  5. It’s really killin me not to do my taxes until the freeze ends. I finally have all the documents I need, and was going to do them online tonight…doe! How am I going to pay Turbotax if I can’t pay them?!? Boo! Taxes can wait until Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

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