Spending Freeze: Day 4

The average cable bill is up 39% since 2010, sitting at $99.10. That’s nearly $1,200 a year. What could you do with an extra $1,200? Here are few ideas:

  • Buy a ticket to Europe
  • Invest in a portfolio
  • Purchase more than 200 orders of 10 pc. Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s
  • Open a 401(k)
  • Start an emergency savings fund
  • Take an educational course
  • Go on a cruise
  • Pay down debt

You’d also have a lot more time on your hands to do things like discover a new species of squirrel.

Day 4 prompt: What have you learned about your spending habits so far?

8 thoughts on “Spending Freeze: Day 4

  1. I’ve discovered that if you really look around, other options to fill your need are available.

    I was speaking about my involvement in the “Spending Freeze” challenge on Friday at work. I was talking about how I really wanted another cup of coffee. She reminded me that we have a community coffee pot AND she reminded me that I had donated last month! She also noticed that I never really drank any so.. My coffee was available!

    I was also thinking this morning that we have passes to the ARC that could be used for family fun later today. Keeping track of EVERYTHING is so important!

  2. My biggest expenditure is eating out at work. Sometimes I can work over ten hours in a day and I eat whenever I get a break, just without thinking about it. I can spend an average of $10-15 every shift!!
    Packing my lunch makes me think me about what I’m eating and how much. I’m definitely eating healthier since the freeze. And I am saving so much!! I would like to keep this up after the freeze is over!

  3. I have learned my biggest spending habit is buying items spur of the moment. They are not big items but after awhile the multiple trips to the grocery/household store will add up and when the receipt is normally small you don’t notice the amount spent until later.

  4. It is hard for us to not eat out when we take the kids into town on the weekends. Today, we went downtown for the Mid Missouri March, rally at the Capitol, and by noon, the kids were hungry, tired and cranky…that usually means grabbin some nasty, over-priced fast food. Now, we are trying something new, keeping snacks on hand to help those cranky little ones make it home. $25 saved!

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