Spending Freeze: Day 3

Ohhh the weekend. We have arrived. When the temptations are strong and motivations run low.

You leave work like …

Then you tell your friends you can’t go out because you’re ‘freezing’ and they react like …

However, there is plenty of greatness to discover when options are limited on a Friday night. Dust off those board games, dig out the old gaming consoles, bribe your friends to have a chill night in.

We believe in you.

Day 3 prompt: Where will you look for free fun this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Spending Freeze: Day 3

  1. I am a game board type of girl anyway. I do enjoy a night out from time to time…but quality time at home with family and friends is truly where it is at. And with the weather I’m sure I will be doing some grilling:)

  2. We are planning on hanging out in downtown Jeff City, attending the Mid Missouri March for Life, and doing some general people watching, always fun! Since the weather shoukd be nice, I also see a park in our weekend plans 🙂

    • Volunteering is always free and rewarding!! I plan on heading over to our local cat rescue facility and spend some time petting the kitties!!
      Also, lots of events need volunteers and offer free entry in return! The next roller derby bout is coming up and I will be helping them out and enjoying the game at the same time!

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