Spending Freeze: Day 2

Day 2 of the Freeze is underway. Usually one of the most painful days, due to realizing what your daily spending habits actually are. Like that morning latte or late-night online shopping frenzy. However, stay strong! Losing old habits can open opportunities for new, healthier ones.

Day 2 prompt: What are some strategies you’ve used to keep yourself from shopping online?

5 thoughts on “Spending Freeze: Day 2

  1. I would say cutting up the credit cards was the biggest step to saving money, and it definitely curbed my shopping overrall. It has been about 5 years since I have used a crefit card, and now I rarely use my debit card. That has really helped, as spending cash “hurts” more. Swiping a card or shopping online is too easy, but pulling out cash creates emotion and forces me to premeditate my purchases!

  2. Made it through another day! Went out last night with some friends to our regular trivia night (which fortunately is free) and enjoyed a few hours out without spending anything!
    Inspired today to download some trivia apps and try to spend my free time brushing up on my state capitals and flags rather than browsing Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram. Mostly succeeded! 👌

  3. I only purchase items online when they are a better deal. I am also the type of normally only buying needs not wants. During the freeze I avoid buying online by putting it in my “cart” until later. I can look just not purchase ☺️

  4. So I know it’s Day 3 and all, but I am posting here for now while I think about it, since there is no Day 3 post to comment on yet…I got paid today, so I paid my mortgage and daycare bills as usual. For a second, I had to stop and think about paying them, and then recalled that it’s OK to pay bills during the freeze 🙂

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