Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 9

Day 9.

Day. 9.

On day 9, we will have two prompts.

Prompt Option 1: How many days do you think you could continue the freeze? Or, is 10 the maximum amount of days you’d put yourself through this no-spending frenzy?

Prompt Option 2: Post a meme with to reflect your feelings on the freeze today.

This is ours.


17 thoughts on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 9

  1. I think I could continue the freeze for two weeks. After that I would really be in need of some personal shopping , I know a bad habit. I also need to get some new clothes for work, so I guess we will see what all I have left over by tomorrow!

  2. I think that the 10 days is all I am going to do now however, I do like this challenge and may do it here and there throughout the year when I have big things coming I need to save for. I have went over my budget though and eliminated some un needed expenses and learned that I don’t really need these things. Seeing how much I save not buying them will be motivation to not splurge!

  3. No spending challenges are always uncomfortable, but I enjoy them! I did a no spend month in August and almost made it, cheated by buying a suit at a resale sale fundraiser thingie. It went to a good cause (Dreams to Reality) an I got a suit for $5! Anyhoo, if it weren’t for the toilet paper issue, the sky would be the limit LOL!

  4. I could hold out though Friday. 1- Because I am getting low on food in the house 2- Becuase my husband and I have a date night at “Paint the Town” which is way too much fun to miss out on.
    It has been great to do the spending freeze and we have learned a lot.

  5. I could continue the freeze for another 10 days, but I need to buy groceries again. I also have things I need to buy for my classes and clinical placement so would not be able to continue the freeze for very long.
    Here is my meme:

    “Check Pants’ Pockets

    Found Money Didn’t Know I Had”

  6. As long as bills and whatnot are allowed expenses, I could keep going for a while, though I’m running low on milk. Luckily it doesn’t matter when I don’t have the kids since I’m lactose intolerant anyway. I don’t tend to spend much frivolously; that’s not really a luxury I have until my tax refund comes in…

  7. Day 9 tip from Hank the talking piggy bank: Cut back on the convenience foods, fast food restaurants, microwave meals, and so on.

    We plan to continue the freeze but add to it one more allowance…obviously we are going to need groceries and toiletries so we plan to add those as our only other allowed expenses. 4 years ago before we purchased our home we didn’t have a mortgage, we were living in an old farm house rent free…we did a “freeze” for 6 months to see if we could in fact support a mortgage each month and had a healthy stock-pile of money when we moved in! I know if we can overcome hard times and purchase a home that we can become debt free within the next year or two and only have car and home loans to work on. Just today I was challenged with co-workers going out to lunch, and had to decline and eat my leftover brats and canned corn. Was it hard…at first…but the more I thought about it, a $10 lunch once a week adds up FAST! Do you know what I could do with the $520 a year I would save if I could keep up the trend…and how much healthier I will be by packing a nutritional lunch!?!?! It’s a WIN WIN!

  8. I think I could go longer without spending money however with Valentines day coming up I have a few cheap ideas for my nieces and would love to spoil them! My biggest challenge isn’t spending on myself it’s on my family and friends!

  9. The amount of days that I will save money it would be 180 days I could be able to go without spending money. The 10-day freeze it is not my max I’ll probably say a whole year will be the hardest to do without spending any money. A COURAGE WOLF is my meme, a wolf go starving for days before taking a bait has or four days before getting caught that’s what my meme is for courage wolf



  10. Okay, I give up. I can post a meme on my personal Word page but can not post one on a reply. 😦
    I could probably last a few more days on the challenge however I have a few of my extra expenses coming due that aren’t allowed on the challenge. Gym membership and my son’s traveling ball club fees. Other than that I think we could survive. FYI: I’m a couponer and have a decent supply of food, and toilet paper. ♧

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