Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 8

Happy Monday, everyone. Sounds like you got pretty creative this weekend with Super Bowl snacks and whatnot. And, more importantly, you survived a weekend of not spending! There’s just a couple more days to push through.

Day 8 Prompt: If you are the winner of the Spending Freeze Challenge, what will you do with your winnings?

P.S. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? This was one of ours.

13 thoughts on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 8

  1. If I am the winner of the spending freeze challenge, I am going to use the money to take a trip to Virginia to see my mom. I have been saving a little here and there trying to do this but haven’t been able to save enough. This trip was my motivation to join this challenge and is my motivation each day to save. Everything that I have saved during the freeze is going towards this trip as well. I haven’t seen my mom in over a year because it is so far and expensive. I am praying I win this so I can make this trip happen. I really didn’t end up watching too much last night. I had a houseful of kids and was trying to chase them around.

  2. If I am the winner of the spending freeze challenge I will put it towards improvements on my home. We have been putting money back for this and slowly getting it down. We are at the stage of replacing carpet, great project but man what a headache.
    My favorite commerical was the “best buds” from Budweiser, very cute and gave me goosebumps.

  3. If I win the Spending Freeze Challenge, I will be putting it towards paying off my last student loan. I have had this loan so long, I think Aunt Sallie Mae is staying in our guest room :). We are so ready to evict her! As for the Super Bowl, I mostly chased the kiddos and talked to a friend that got engaged last night. I did sit down at one point and saw the Best Buds commercial. How adorable!

  4. If I win the Spending Freeze Challenge, I am using the money to help for a trip to Orlando with my Grandma in March. In May, my Grandpa passed away and I think a trip away (to visit her sister and brother in law) would be very nice for my Grandma.

  5. If I win, I will be donating the money to the American Cancer Society. I am on the Relay for Life Steering Committee (we put on the walk here in Columbia). I don’t see a better way to spend the money.

  6. If I win the Spending Freeze Challenge, I will be putting the money towards paying off some bills. It will be a nice chunk applied to my student loans!

  7. Winning the challenge would mean that I would be able to buy a sewing machine and serger. I am a graduate student that will be graduating in June and I want to start a business making handmade textile products and it’s what I need to get started! 🙂

  8. Part would go to my daughter’s birthday present, and the rest to either loan debt or bills. I’m boring.

    I was kinda bummed by most of the super bowl commercials this year. Not to say that they weren’t good, but I expected more funny ones.

  9. Day 8 tip from Hank the talking piggy bank: Design a “debt snowball”, plot out what debts you’re going to pay off and in what order. As you pay off one debt roll those payments over into the next debt to tackle!

    As nice as it would be to buy new things, or fix up the house, or go on a small trip, or even pay off debts…If we win, we plan to use our money to add to our “Emergency Fund”. We are doing well paying off debts and while it would be nice to put more towards one of our loans, if something were to break (like our 20 year old furnace) we don’t want to take out any more loans! The plan for us this year is to pay off all of our small loans like credit cards and school loans by snowballing them so that all we have left is our mortgage and car payments, while also slowly building up an “Emergency Fund”. With a new baby on the way, planning for the unknowns is the best gift we can give ourselves so that we can stay financially stable and provide for our family. Here’s to a new year, hopefully one with less debt and more saving!

  10. If I am the winner of the spending freeze challenge I am going to save the money and use it to pay to go to ASHA in the fall!! 🙂

    P.S. The best super bowl commercial was the Doritos one with the man, woman, and baby on the plan!

  11. If I was a “winner” first of all I would thank god and missouri credit union. If I win I use it to pay a bill to mizzou credit union either if it was a line of credit, loans or credit card anything. My favorite Superbowl commercial was probably the one that they show The Fast and Furious 7 the new movie that comes out on July 1st 2015

  12. Honestly, I have a lot of overdue bills, because I’ve had a real financial crunch this winter! In addition to regular bills I’ve had extra expenses, including some unexpected ones, in spite of great effort to conserve on spending. However, this spending freeze goes beyond just curbing spending, so it’s good for me, at this time anyway! At the moment I have a crisis with my furnace not working, so I’m sincerely hoping it’s a minor wiring problem, or something about the thermostat, because even if I win, it wouldn’t be enough to replace a furnace! So, I’ll be paying my bills primarily, although there are a few food essentials I’ve been waiting to buy, and I’ll look forward to buying those. For example, I love a breakfast with eggs, but started off first with the tart, refreshing Vitamin C of fresh grapefruit, and I’m out of both of those at the time being! As for the Super Bowl ads, I didn’t see them all, just a few, and heard some critiques of some on the radio (not very visual!), so I don’t think I saw enough of them to vote fairly. I will add a no vote though, since it sounds like the sweet little boy who drowned in the bathtub was way too sad an ad for fun-loving Super Bowl fans, even if it had a good message to be more watchful of your precious little children! I’m a grandmother, so I can sympathize with that!

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