Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 6

Happy Saturday everyone. Hopefully the weather is right for all those spending-free plans you’ve made.

Day 6 Prompt: Today we want to know how your family is handling the challenge. Are the kiddos happy? Perhaps you aren’t the frivolous spender in the household, how is your spouse doing?

15 thoughts on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 6

  1. The kids are less than amused with this challenge, but they’re, admittedly, pretty spoiled. I’m sure they’ll get over it, though. Another oops, though… Saturdays are eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast, usually. Only I forgot to pick up bacon.

  2. I’m not married and I don’t have kids….I am liking this challenge because of all of the extra benefits of it. Not only am I saving money, I’m spending more time with my family members and finding a better way to have fun! Craft night tonight with stuff I already had on hand (from spending too much in Hobby Lobby a time or two. Ha!)

  3. My husband is the money spender in the house. He is getting adjusting now at day 6. But towards the beginning he was getting tired of hearing “can’t do that because of the freeze.” We were talking about it last night and I think he has learned a lot about his spending habits.

  4. My family hasn’t noticed which is pretty amazing, even if I say so myself. I’m the spender, bill payer, couponer, and the financial final say person in the family. Before I start seeming like a control freak my husband has a secondary account that he pulls gas and spending money (coffee & etc.) from so it doesn’t take from our family budget. Again, today is family chilli lunch and workout at the gym.

  5. I am definitely the Saver in the family, and my fiance is historically the Spender – although I must say he is slowly becoming more of a saver 🙂 My family seems to be adjusting well, but they are used to my stubborn challenges. The only thing that was probably “odd” to them is the fact a friend delivered toilet paper to our house. Hmmmmm….weird, but strangely enough not that weird. This has been a fun family weekend so far. Day 6 completed, looking forward to spending Day 7 with more family!

  6. I don’t have kids so there was no problem there. I went to the farmers market today to get out of the house. I wasn’t even tempted to buy anything because I have my groceries for the 10 days. It was nice to just look at the colors of the produce and converse with people. Not spending actually feels freeing at this point. It’s not really a punishment. I know I’m going to extra money in my bank account after this is over because my needs are already taken care of. I kind of want to extend the challenge for myself.

  7. I don’t have kids or a spouse, but today I went to the Mizzou Wrestling match (free for students) and it was an amazing time! I highly recommend going! Those boys are amazing and we have some of the best in the nation!

  8. when I told my family why I haven’t pulled any money out for the past six days they thought I was crazy and I was wondering why was I doing this for my bag and I told him that I was entering a contest for 10 days which is cause a freeze or you don’t spend any money so my brother my mom my dad they were kind of looking at me like I was crazy laughing out loud I told him oh well I’ll try something new. no spouse I live alone

  9. My kids are adjusting! They wanted a snack run when I got home from work a little while ago and I told them we couldn’t and they said “oh yea….. we’re saving not spending”. I just laughed! It has been fun thus far. I truly think the best thing (besides saving money) that has come from this so far is that my kids and I have spent so much more time together just playing and being silly instead of running here and there to get this or that!!! Ready for day 7

  10. Day 6 tip from Hank the talking piggy bank: Instead of throwing out some damaged clothing, repair it or revamp it!

    All is well in the Dunnavant household! My husband works every other Saturday so it was just me and the kiddos today! We got quite a bit of laundry cleaned and put away and in the process, we gathered all of the kids worn out pants and hemmed and patched until they were good as new! We should get some more life out of their uniform pants and hopefully make them last until the end of the year! As soon as Brandon got home this evening he started posting unused and unwanted items throughout the house on Varagesale and Craigslist in hopes of making a few extra bucks…we are both really enjoying seeing the extra amount of money in our accounts and hope to add more to it by selling unused items and using what we have until its completely worn out!

  11. I didn’t see these challenge questions until just now, and didn’t know we were supposed to click on some daily questions, so my comments have been a free for all…on whatever topics occurred to me! I don’t live with a spouse or family, so that’s not an issue for me. However I will add that my Mother was Irish, and had the attitude of “Waste not, Want not!” So I learned early, to eat most or all of my food, and be grateful for it, and not waste anything, It was also about not wasting time, and not wasting a penny, so penny-pinching comes natural to me too! My family memories of childhood include my parents telling me to eat all my food because there were children in China starving! So I asked why is that, and why can’t we send them some food?

  12. P.S. My ignorance about the daily questions to click on, meant I was always putting my daily comments in the same place. Do they need to be moved to be organized in the same way as other people? Please advise! Thanks!

    • Hi, Carolyn. We appreciate your participation in our Spending Freeze and have enjoyed reading your comments. However, in accordance with the contest rules, each participant most post once daily on the blog. It doesn’t matter which blog post you commented on, as long as there was one per day. We are missing posts from you on January 27, January 28 and January 31. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to win. You are welcome to continue the freeze and post your thoughts on the blog. We plan to hold more contests such as these in the future so be on the lookout! Thanks.

  13. I don’t have any children and my boyfriend is adjusting to not going to the gas station or get a morning bagel. All in all its been good for me to be lazy and actually plan out meals and take my lunch to work!

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