Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 5

The halfway point has arrived. And possibly the most challenging portion: the weekend.

Day 5 Prompt: How do you plan on not spending any money this weekend? Have you dug out the board games? Honed in on home projects to do? Tell us all about it.

(If you do end up having trouble, here’s what BuzzFeed suggests you do when you’re bored out of your mind.)

12 thoughts on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 5

  1. this is going to be tricky, especially since i’ve got the kids this weekend. they were already bummed that i told them we weren’t going out to eat, or for ice cream, or any of the other things they were begging about. also, i found my “oops.” pull-ups for the boy. hopefully i have some stuck in a suitcase or something somewhere…

  2. I am spending the day with my Grandma and have chosen to stay in and paint with friends as opposed to going out with friends! I guess that means I’m helping my friends save money too!! 🙂

    It is good to remember sometimes that “free” entertainment is just as good! I’ll likely spend Sunday curled up watching Netflix and the Superbowl!

  3. We got this! We have all the kids this weekend, so we are hanging at the park instead of our usual shopping trips for snacks/toys, probably should take down the outdoor Christmas lights, oh and are going to my brother’s house for SuperBowl Sunday. Maybe I should warn my brother that we cannot bring a snack this year. ***wondering if it would be weird if we brought toilet paper instead*** #icouldntresist

  4. This weekend should be a breeze for me. I work all day tomorrow and Sunday I usually use to get prepared for the week; laundry, house cleaning, unfinished homework, etc. The only difference is we won’t be eating our normal Saturday night out. Thats ok though, I planned Lasagna for Saturday and the kids are excited for it!

  5. The challenge I will have is Super Bowl Sunday. I will have to get on Pinterest and get creative with the food I have in the house. Other than that I think it will be pretty easy as we are more of home bodies and do not go out much on the weekends.

  6. I plan on not spending money this weekend by making sure that I don’t get too many IOU in alcohol at super bowl parties. I hope that I do not dig myself a hole but not bringing my own, but since Trops is closed on Sunday I think I’ll be fine. I have also never been so organized in my life. My room has also never been so clean. Laundry is starting to pile up though and I have to go to the laundry mat, so we will see how many things I can just spray with Febreze.

  7. I will be working all weekend so it will be easy to not spend money! I won’t have to worry about the super bowl party because I planned ahead for the snack I will be taking when I get off of work on Sunday!

  8. It was easy to not spend money again today as I have been under the weather. I watched my friend’s dog last week so they are taking me to dinner tonight to thank me. I get to go out AND I’m not spending money. I should dog sit more often!

  9. Reading & blogging Friday night and if I’m feeling like I need a visual adventure there’s always Netflix. Saturday is the gym, and a family chilli lunch gathering. Netflix, Netflix, and Sunday is church, church meetings, clipping coupons at a friends house, and in the evening a super bowl party at a friends house. Believe it or not I have everything I need for each gathering. That could be the teacher in me, always planning, and preparing a week or two in advance. So, gas is all I spent money on tonight for the work week.

  10. I’m not planning on spending any money I decided to work out go visit family and have fun and enjoy the weekend without spending any money and if I was to be able to pull a board game out I’ll probably play chess or checkers but I’m not that bored especially on the weekends

  11. Day 5 tip from Hank the talking piggy bank: Reevaluate the stuff in the rooms in your house.

    My weekends are generally spent at home cleaning , taking care of the kids, and doing my weekly grocery shopping. Luckily this weekend I get to skip that task as I purchased enough groceries last weekend to last us 2 weeks! I was stuck home today as well because I woke up to a sick little girl last night…and ended up getting caught up on some much needed things around the house today. I cleaned a little, did a few loads of laundry, painted the accent wall in the nursery that I had put off for almost 2 months already, and worked on our budget. After putting a nice chunk of money into savings (thanks to the last month of pinching our pennies), I decided it was time to go through the house and re-evaluate the things just sitting around being unused…I would much rather see a nice lump of $ in our savings account! So, I may have just bitten off more than I can chew when it comes to my time this weekend – as if cleaning to gather items isn’t a big enough task for one weekend, I plan on posting them on various sites this weekend as well. Forget the Superbowl… I have money making de-cluttering to do!

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