Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 4

Four days in, ladies and gents. Hopefully you’re becoming adjusted to the change of not spending any money. (Psht, like four days is enough for that, right?)

Day 4 Prompt: What has surprised you the most about this challenge as a whole? Has it revealed anything to you about your spending habits? Or are things going as expected? Sound off in the comments section.

19 thoughts on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 4

  1. so far, so good. i tend to spend most of my money when i get paid on silly things like bills and shelter and food. it’s still only my daily jaunts to the gas station that are lacking. *sigh* i miss you, afternoon coke zero.

  2. It has actually surprised me at how easy it is to not spend. I don’t spend money on things I don’t absolutely need typically, but I do splurge occasionally. When I’m bored, I browse online and this challenge has made me do more productive things with my spare time, like workout and do homework!

  3. I haven’t really noticed anything different at this stage of the game. I mean, normally I would have used our “Household” budget money to buy the toilet paper we need, so that’s been different having to get help from a friend in that respect πŸ™‚ ***insert British accent here*** “Excuse me kind sir. You look like a fellow that may like to repay an IOU in TP.” That’s the only awkward moment we have face thus far πŸ™‚ Whew!

  4. Day 4 tip from Hank the talking piggy bank: Don’t fear leftovers – instead, jazz them up.

    I have to be quite honest….the biggest issue in our house is splurging on fast food when I don’t feel like cooking! With 3 kids (and one on the way), working 40 hours a week, doing all of the grocery shopping, taking kids to appointments and activities, taking care of the bills, laundry, housework, being a Girl Scout Leader, and preparing and cleaning up dinner every night, this Momma gets worn out mid-week! Our biggest financial issue is spending un-necessary amounts of money on eating out because I just get too worn out, it’s not that we don’t have food in the house or meals planned ahead of time! Last night I was too worn out to do ANYTHING, and normally that would send the hubby out on a run to McDonalds for a quick meal, however, this challenge forced him into making dinner – and made me one happy lady! Nachos it was…and with the left over meat I can make an unplanned meal and stretch the grocery’s one more day! Left over taco meat has endless possibilities – homemade sloppy joes, spaghetti, taco casserole, taco pizza, chili – and all can be made with things I already have in the pantry with little effort!!! πŸ™‚

  5. So far the spending freeze has made me realize how much i really spend on non essential things. Payday is Friday and usually by this point in the week, I am counting down til the check gets deposited, however with not being able to spend the last few days, I still have money!!!! πŸ™‚ This is a great feeling that I would like to have every week. I am also learning the difference between my wants and needs. An example is the bottled water. I want bottled water however, We have been boiling tap water, putting it in our old bottles and in the fridge it goes. Not bad and its saving me money. This is no longer a need.

  6. In our household I am not the one that “splurges” on un-needed items, that is my husband. He even handed over his debit card at the start of the challenge ☺️. I have not been surprised by this as I knew our spending habits. I might tell him the freeze is longer than 10 days so he can continue to work on needs vs wants πŸ˜‰

  7. I feel like I have spent less money in gas on my lunch hour. Which is very surprising bc I use to think that if I just went and got fast food it would save gas, but now that I am not spending money on food, it is saving me WAY more in the long run. Days like today where I have to work two events back to back I just have brought snacks from home and been just fine!

  8. The past 4 days have been freeing. I am finding out what truly fulfills me instead of spending money on things. Things that I really don’t need. I am a busy grad student with long hours, so I eat out quite a bit. This challenge has for sure helped to rekindle my love with cooking.

  9. Tonight I worked later than normal, and instead of stopping at the grocery store I went to the gym for a cardio workout, and from there went home. I changed my path home, hey maybe I will shed a few pounds during the challenge. πŸ™‚ Overall things have been good.

  10. Nothing has really changed for day 4. I expected to not say I am used to not spending any money 10 days is not a problem compared to 2 months.I figured mark 4 days on my calendar and waiting for the 6 more days.

  11. This challenge has made me realize just how much money I have to work with and is helping me to adjust my budget to save up some more money (hopefully) in the long run. I am wanting to go to the Missouri Speech-Language Hearing Association in March and need to save more money and I would love to also go to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association in November!!

    I know now just how much I can NOT spend and still survive. πŸ™‚ MSHA and ASHA: HERE I COME!!!

  12. I do have one question for MCU. I was reviewing my bank account and I purchase I made before the freeze didn’s come out of the account until the freeze started. Will you be able to tell when I made the purchase? I do not want that to count against me.

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