Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 3

Day three means we’re finally getting into the thick of the freeze. We hope everyone is starting to plan out how they’ll finish out the work week, and handle the weekend, while keeping a rein on spending.

Day 3 Prompt: What’s been your biggest or most noticeable “Oops, I forgot to stock up!” item and how are you working around the oversight?

18 thoughts on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 3

  1. Oops! I forgot to stock up on toilet paper! We asked a friend to pay us back the $10 he owes us in TP lol! He thinks we are silly, but enjoyed hearing about the Freeze challenge. It may have inspired him to look at his spending. Good thing we have such a close friend 🙂

  2. i haven’t noticed any oops items yet *knock on wood*.

    i do have a question, though, on allowable expenses: i assume mortgages are covered; are payments for other accounts like loans and credit cards also allowable, even if there’s not a current balance due? I have an outstanding charge from my knee surgery in november that i’d like to pay off.


  3. I haven’t noticed a specific item just yet…but I have a feeling I will be wanting some different food than what we’ve got in the house for next week’s lunches 🙂 I guess it’s time to get creative!!

  4. We love your comments and tenacity. Especially those paybacks that involve toilet paper. I guess your friend was able to spare a square.

    Regarding bills, please pay those. Especially your MCU mortgage and auto loans 😉 And, those credit cards and surgery bills, pay those.

    As a a reminder:

    We all have bills to pay and MCU understand that sometimes life can surprise us. So, we’ve made a list of allowances:

    Bills -Rent, utilities, car payments – some things are simply unavoidable.

    Gas -For your car, not the snowblower.

    Emergencies -Hospital visits, doctor appointments, car trouble and so forth.

    Medications/Prescriptions -Staying healthy is priceless, after all.

  5. Day 3 tip from Hank the talking piggy bank: Challenge yourself to try making your own things.

    Since I am a bargain shopper & couponer, we have all of our supplies stocked up – diapers, formula, toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. is always plentiful in our house and I make meal plans before grocery shopping so I don’t foresee any pre-challenge oversights. Should I have missed something, however, pinterest is fantastic and I have an entire board dedicated to “make it yourself” – from laundry detergent and cleaners to homemade baby wipes! In today’s world we rely far too much on the convenience of having pre-made items and stores around every corner…I accept the challenge of running out of something just so I can prove we can make do with what we have!

  6. I haven’t had any “oops I forgot to stock up on blank” issues yet. I have been making my own cleaning supplies for a while now and it has saved me so much!

  7. The biggest oops O:-) I forgot to get is more lysol, chicken noodle soup, I plan on using fabreeze to substitute for lysol and a home made salad to substitute for chicken noodle soup in a can. I donate a couple vegetable cans to churches that take in homeless people. Every person I see holding a sign I donate a dollar in change benn in my motor vehicles for months. Day three is marked on my calendar too

  8. My oops is toilet paper and bottled water!!!! We are going to end up borrowing toilet paper or using kleenex!! 🙂 Bottled water, we ran out already so I have been boiling tap water, putting it in our used bottles and its just the same! Switching to doing this will alone save me about $20 a week!!!! Woohoo! Glad day 3 is over and ready for day four! I am curious, if you don’t post to the blog each day, are you disqualified? I am asking because I have noticed that each day, less people post. Wondering how many people are still in after day 3!

  9. As of day 3 I have not came across any oops…let’s hope that we don’t. I have been enjoying the freeze as I love not have to track money spent and that money is staying in account ☺️

  10. no “oops i forgot yet” but today I ran out of my daily allergy medicine… so heres to a couple days without since I have no time to go to the store until Friday!

  11. I got a cold unexpectedly. When I’m sick I usually down peppermint tea like there is no tomorrow. When I looked in my tea drawer I happened to be out. I then remembered I had mint leaves in my fridge so I made a tea out of those instead! It was way fresher than the tea bag and still had the same benefits. Day three down!

  12. I forgot to buy dish detergent to be able to wash my dishes! Oops. However, thankfully I already have tons of paper plates and a few disposable silverware items that I think I will be able to survive. I just will have a crap-ton of dishes to do when the freeze is over.

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