Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 2

Congratulations, day one of the challenge is complete. Sounds like a lot of you took plenty of preparation to ensure your success.

Day 2 prompt: What item(s) do you anticipate being the hardest to not purchase during this freeze? That daily cup of coffee? Redbox movie hound perhaps? Sound off in the comments section!

16 thoughts on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 2

  1. it’s the afternoon soda that’s killing me. i started brewing my coffee at home and bringing a thermos to work, but i’ve come to rely on the mid-afternoon fountain refill from the gas station…

  2. I don’t really have anything I need every day so that will not be a challenge for me. During the week, I typically go home right after work…It’s the weekend where not spending will be a challenge πŸ™‚

  3. My daily Starbucks has been something really sad to cut back on, but I’m gonna try out some k-cups! I usually go home for lunch, so It has been easy for meals!

  4. The hardest part of this challenge will be to not make that extra grocery shopping trip. We have been re-wiring our brains to accept the idea that “shopping” in our food pantry is ok. We are using items from the pantry that have been pushed to the back for some time, and have found that we actually already had a lot of good meals to prepare. We are being thrifty and creative!

  5. The hardest thing has been giving up my afternoon ‘pick me up’ tea at Starbucks. To combat that I have been working next to a constantly full french press of tea brought from home–5 cups per tea steep. I will be sick of tea by the time the day is over. No Starbucks for me, and it’s ok because I’m not craving it.

  6. Day 2 tip from Hank the talking piggy bank: Plan gift-giving well in advance. That will give you time to decide on the most thoughtful gifts, which usually are not the most expensive ones. And if these gifts are products that must be purchased, you will have the opportunity to look for sales.

    I am a bargain shopper, the hardest thing for me to give up during this challenge is hitting up my normal stores to check out the clearance racks and do some couponing…I feel like I am missing out on deals!!!! Just last week I scored big at Target on coupon deals so Its killing me to not even tempt myself by checking out my normal coupon sites!

  7. The hardest thing for me during this challenge is going to be: not being able to go out to eat or go get a drink with my friends when we meet up to hangout, and not being able to drive through the drive through at a take out place to get a quick bite to eat, but to have to wait until I get home/pack plenty of snacks I already have at home to get me through out the day.

  8. There are not daily items, but there might be the item from the grocery store that forgot. And the weekend I think will much more of a challenge, especially with it being Super Bowl Sunday. Hope I have all I need, or off to borrowing from someone πŸ˜‰

  9. Today went well but was a little harder than yesterday!!! I had to leave the house today! I realized today that we are most likely going to run out of toilet paper in a couple days 😦 Guess we’ll be using kleenex!!! lol. I think my hardest thing to give up is going to be my “snack runs”! The kids love them and so do I. However by not going on snack runs for us, I will probably save at least $20 a week.

  10. A pretty good day! I had to chauffeur a friend to and from the hospital then meet family at a hospital appointment. All is well, but my friend wanted to ‘go out and eat’. I told her about the challenge and she bought my lunch! Didn’t need gas, went to visit my folks. Day 2 is done!

  11. -Not going to the movies to keep up with the challenge , but we did pull out a gift card from Christmas and used it for my birthday meal. Day 2 wasn’t so bad. I think “it” made us appreciate what we were able to spend (gift card amount), and our time together.

  12. Day two hmm I won’t need a cup of coffee I dont drink it. I have plenty of movies on netflix to watch and the internet. Not spending a dime I just left the hospital to watch a my best friend do 6 hours of blood transfusion and able to eat a free lunch since I’m driving his car back home. Its a nice day today I figure I would still stay free from spending and eat at home. Now I’m on my way to uncle to help home with his insulin shots to put in his stomach. Day 2 go Missouri credit union and thanks for everything.

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