Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 1

Welcome all Spending Freeze participants! Today is the first day of the challenge, and any sign-ups after today will not be accepted. Hopefully, you have planned out your meals and activities in order to avoid spending these next ten days. So settle in, get comfy and let us know how you plan to get the job done!

Per the rules, please post a comment to this specific blog post about your experience. It can be a sentence or two or a paragraph or two. The length is up to you. Below is a prompt to help you get started, but do not feel you need to post on this specific topic.

Thanks and good luck!

Day 1 prompt: What steps did you take in preparation for the Spending Freeze Challenge?

30 thoughts on “Spending Freeze Challenge: Day 1

  1. I have a distinct advantage this time. I broke my back and waiting for social security disability to kick in. I have exhausted my resources and $300 would be a game changer. The staff at MCU on Edgewood in Jefferson City are the BEST. They have always made me feel at home when I could work. I will soon be making my small SSDI deposites. Thanks

  2. I spent all morning trying to figure out how to get a WordPress account….lol. Other than that, I ended up working yesterday instead of going to the store so we will just see how this goes. Luckily I went to the store Friday and IF we scrimp we should be fine for 10 days!!!!! Lets do this!!!!

    • Today (day one) went great! Didn’t spend anything at all. I am actually proud of myself. I bought necessities Friday. I am trying to take a trip to go see my mom the end of February so this is a good way to save for that! I’m ready for day two -Amanda Carothers

  3. Set up a WordPress Account, added Day 1 comment to that blog which says: Day 1 of challenge: Let’s see. I reviewed my January spending and discovered I only had 5 days that I did not use my debit card (so far, it’s now the 26th). I reviewed my expenses to come out and the only ‘frivolous/unnecessary’ expenses coming out connected to my debit card is Netflix. I have a call in to find out if I will have to cancel and depend on my DVD’s and VCR movies. I do not subscribe to any tv/cable, so that will be a big change for me. Food is not a problem, I’ve always got a pantry full. Have 2 cars, paid for, one with a full tank and one with half tank. 10 days should go pretty well! I’m a Kiwanian, so if I win, the money will go to serving children in need, right here in Columbia.

  4. We reviewed our budget for the next 10 days, planned meals with food already in our freezer/pantry, agreed not to spend anything that is not on the budget. We know we spend less when we pay with cash, so we put our debit cards away πŸ™‚ Not only are we hoping to win this challenge, but the goal is to put more money towards debt than usual after the Freeze is over. Freezin for a Reason!

  5. We went to the grocery store, but fresh produce only goes so far, so we are freezing extra fruit. We got a winter squash, that will keep fresh for months, to eat towards the end of the 10 days.

  6. Day 1 prompt: What steps did you take in preparation for the Spending Freeze Challenge?:

    I ate leftovers in the work fridge! still good from Friday, hah. Also have my baby’s diapers, wipes etc. bought in bulk from CostCo so all set for the most essential piece of the next 10 days!

  7. My family and I went to the grocery store and got the food we will need for the next 10 days. I love to use my crockpot for meals…so last night I prepared dinner for the next few nights. Lunches are “sack” lunches. Lucky for us we do this a lot, but my husband “cheats” so hopefully this will help to keep him on track.

  8. I wish the best for everybody. I think since I been on a bumpy curve through life that most people make sacrifice each day this seems like a good way for some customer to save money in their accounts.

  9. I went grocery shopping over the weekend. This first day has taught me about scheduling leisure time. We always schedule work, and play time gets allotted after that with the time left over. I find that by rewarding myself with cooking myself a great dinner ( what I did tonight, Pho–So yum) or reading a book I am less tempted to reward myself with other things. I think today I realized that I use my busy schedule as a crutch and as such would use treats out (ice-cream anyone?) or shopping as a way to cope with all I have to do. Scheduling leisure time becomes my reward and I don’t have to spend anything. First day of the spending freeze down. πŸ˜‰

  10. How did I prepare for this challenge…
    I felt pretty rough this weekend- so I wasn’t able to prepare as well as I had hoped.
    I have a fully stocked freezer (butchered a hog a 2 months ago) and the pantry looks real good!
    I’m looking forward to this challenge of “no spending” for 10 days, but I’m not going to lie- IT’S GONNA BE A CHALLENGE!
    Good luck to all the other contestants!!

  11. Day 1 tip from Hank the talking piggy bank: Make a list of meals before generating a grocery list: saves $ on extra trips to the store and saves $ by buying only what is necessary.

    We went shopping Sunday night, spent $70 and have enough to feed the 5 of us 3 meals a day through February 6th! We had a yummy dinner of brats, homemaid pasta salad, and cantaloupe with homemaid brownies for dessert! I am use to shopping weekly off of a meal plan grocery list so the meal plan was a breeze for us!

  12. I am writing this at 10:16pm on Monday, January 26th and not on the 27th even though it says that. Day #1: I prepared for this challenge by going to the store and buying juice, soda, and chips!! HAHA. The only thing necessary since I already had plenty of food in the apartment!! πŸ™‚

  13. To prepare for this challenge I went shopping for the essentials Saturday and Sunday. It hasn’t really “hit” me yet because I stay busy and have little time to just spend. I will share that Sunday as I browsed Target I started to get the clothing itch. So, this challenge will hopefully keep the need a new shirt at bay.

      • start off saying that I don’t drink coffee so I’m not going to be depressed and the same I needed the most was the chicken noodle soup and Lysol. Substitute love I saw with Febreze substituted the chicken noodle soup in a can for homemade so I learn to stay home and not go to the grocery store during this Thursday trial money freeze for the MCU creditUnion. Still counting down the days 7 more days left Third day nothing has changed.earlier today I said it in the hospital with a friend of mines for 6 hours and kept him company he was doing his blood transfusions which took 6 hours. I donated a dollar to each person that was holding up a sign saying that they were homelessI gave them money all the loose change that was in my motor vehicle in the ashtray.now I am relaxing watching a movie on Netflix don’t need a red box when you can download movies on the Internet

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